Specificly for NHS

MoneyMind has been exclusively developed by Salad Projects

As a free online tool exclusively for NHS workers. Salad Projects previously commissioned the University of Edinburgh to undertake a report illustrating the financial resilience of NHS workers, revealing potential vulnerabilities across the sector. In response, Salad Projects has developed MoneyMind as a tool to assist all NHS workers get free from persistent overdrafts and high-cost credit.

Get what you're owed

MoneyMind is designed specifically for NHS employees

We’ve worked with around 15,000 NHS workers. Using their anonymised data, we can see how much NHS workers really spend on things like shopping, going out and fashion. There is no other service that can do this as you can compare your spending to that of your anonymised colleagues.

By comparing the spending of all NHS workers, you can then see what ‘good’ spending looks like for you. ‘Good’ means spending that allows you to stay out of your overdrafts and avoid high-cost credit. This gives you the information to make those changes in your spending patterns to get out of the trap of persistent overdrafts and high-cost credit.

This is a free route to your financial freedom.