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Do you work in the public sector?

Are you tired of being stuck in your overdraft, paying hundreds of pounds in fees every year? Do you want the chance to save more money? The Money Mind insights you can get will help you achieve all of the above.

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Get what you’re owed

Do you get income support like Working Tax Credits or Universal Income? You could be entitled to more than you’re getting at the moment, helping you save more money. When you sign up to MoneyMind, simply enter a few details into the Income Support Calculator and find out for sure.

Help to save

Salad Money Mind ‘Help to Save’

Salad Money Mind also helps users begin to save for the future by signposting users to the Government run ‘Help to Save’ scheme. This scheme enables users to save an additional 50p for every £1 saved over a four-year period. We are proud to be supporting this Government initiative to improve financial resilience by encouraging those who find it hardest to save to do so.

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Why we’re doing this

MoneyMind exists to help public sector workers who are struggling with problem debt. We set the service up to make a difference, not to make money. That’s why it’s completely free.

MoneyMind is powered by Open Banking technology and spending data from 15,000 Public sector employees. This means you can see how your spending compares to your co-workers and make positive financial decisions based on that knowledge.

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How does it work?

Karen signed up to MoneyMind and discovered she was spending too much on takeaways. By buying three less takeaways per month she was able to pay off her overdraft in six months and save £423 in fees.

UN Social Enterprise

The UN has set out a framework measuring the impacts individuals and companies can have on social and economic factors that affect millions of people around the world. Salad MoneyMind is using this framework to understand how we are helping the 1.5 million public sector employees across the UK and how we can continue to develop our offering, to have the biggest social impact that we can.

No Poverty

No Poverty

Salad MoneyMind is actively helping thousands of public sector employees on lower salaries access affordable credit. We are preventing these individuals using high cost lenders by offering an affordable alternative.

Reduced inequalities

Reduced Inequalities

Across the UK there are 29 credit deserts, these are areas that are deprived of access to fair affordable credit. Salad MoneyMind Is actively lending into these credit deserts reducing the inequalities they face.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Salad MoneyMind provides access to anyone who applies for our affordable credit as long as they pass our credit rules. Our tests, based on Open Banking do not take into account gender in any way. The assessments are purely based on the ability of an individual to afford the loan.

Sustainable cities and communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Salad MoneyMind is providing access to affordable and fair credit for key workers across the country. We lend to public sector workers in the community in the UK turning them into more sustainable cities and communities.

Partnering for the Goals

Partnering for the Goals

By partnering with employers to distribute financial insights Salad Money Mind is enabling the improvement of financial resilience across workforces.